Amazing exterior glass wall ideas for your Arnprior home

Apr 7, 2022 | Glass

If you are trying to come up with ideas to differentiate your home from the rest of the neighborhood, think outside the walls and use exterior glass for your Arnprior home.

What Makes Exterior Glass Walls desirable?

Exterior walls have many advantages. They provide large openings to allow for fresh air and daylight. They also provide easier access to the outdoors for entertaining or just sitting and looking. Using thermally optimal glass walls, you have endless possibilities.

Exterior Glass Walls Ideas

Floor-to-ceiling walls

Moving exterior glass walls provide an unbelievable curb appeal. Floor-to-ceiling walls incorporate the outdoors into your residence. Look into the option of recessed top and bottom tracks, ultra-thin aluminum frames, and roller systems, the glass walls will operate seamlessly no matter how large they are.

Curved Glass

Another option is curved glass. This dramatic effect allows even more light to enter your home. They can be purchased with both folding doors or sliding applications, depending on your home’s exterior landscaping and structure.  

Simulated Divided Lites

Lites are divided into panes of glass. By incorporating them into a moving glass wall, you have combined the traditional with the contemporary. It can coordinate with adjacent windows and architectural designs. Using simulated divided lights, you won’t need separate panes of glass. Instead, you have mullions attached over the glass, so you have a single pane that looks divided.

Using glass on Your Arnprior kitchen

Kitchens are perfect because they are often the center of entertainment at home. Instead of struggling with small sliding or traditional wooden doors, use a pass-through counter that can double as a bar or buffet. Using bi-folding glass and glass walls, you can open a section or the entire area. So much nicer than a wooden swing door.


Don’t think you are restricted to just flat walls. An open-corner configuration means you can have glass walls operating within the same room to allow more visual impact from inside or out. Using horizontal rollers and guides, the panels can move around corners, posts, or other seeming obstructions.

Besides endless sightlines, the sleek lines of sliding glass walls will give your home the dramatic appeal you are looking for.

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