FAQs About Tempered Glass

Feb 10, 2023 | Glass

Undoubtedly the safety of your family and home are top priorities. That includes being sure that all the doors and windows are secure. No one wants to hear the sound of breaking glass in the middle of the night, indicating some break-in or intrusion.
One way to safeguard your home is to be sure the windows are made from tempered glass.

What is tempered glass?

The typical glass used in most windows and doors is annealed. It is glass that is cooled slowly during the production phase and is great for handling temperature fluctuations that we often experience in Ottawa.
It is rapidly heated and cooled, creating a more durable product. Often called safety glass, it is what you find in most shower doors. This is more expensive, but the extra money is very much worth it.

Is tempered glass strong?

Tempered glass is known for its strength and can withstand being hit by a baseball or golf ball, while annealed glass will shatter upon impact.

Does this type of glass break?

Yes, even a piece of tempered glass can break. However, instead of breaking into sharp pieces with edges that cut quite easily, this glass will break into smaller, smoother, and even rounder pieces. There is less chance of injury from these types of shards.

How do I know if the glass in my home is tempered?

If you did have windows in your home installed, you might wonder if the glass is tempered. Look into the corner and see if there is a stamp or etching that says tempered or temp. If you don’t know that marking, it could be obscured. To be sure, wait for a nice, sunny day. Put on a pair of polarized sunglasses and look out the window, it will show dark lines across the pane.

Who should I consult about using tempered glass?

It is always the buyers’ choice about what type of glass to use when installing windows. Working with a professional dealer and installer will give you the best opportunity to hear all the pros and cons of glass types. At Ottawa Valley Glass, we are dedicated to providing the best quality product for your home needs. Our team of professionals is here to help you learn more about how to make your windows and doors secure using tempered glass. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create a safe and secure home.