Centennial Glass has been repairing, replacing, and maintaining glass products in the Ottawa area since 1967. Our proven repair services will get you back up and running in no time.

If you've got gummy rollers or a cracked front door, Centennial Glass can help. Maybe it's a draft you feel? Our repair services include weather stripping. We also do above door transom window and side light replacements.

If your BBQ party got a little wild, don't worry because Centennial Glass can fix your broken glass patio table. We also repair chipped glass and mirror edges, glass shelving, and office desks.

At Centennial Glass, we know what it feels like when a cherished item gets damaged. We can build replacement parts to make your heirlooms like new again. Though we don't repair appliance glass, we do custom cut tempered glass for fridge shelving. We also do custom cut wood stove replacement glass. CLICK HERE to learn more about our custom fabrication services.

While our repair services are extensive, there are some things we don't fix such as automobile windshields, non-glass furniture, wooden frames and the like. For a full list of what we don't repair, see below:

Things We DON'T Fix
  • Aluminium capping of existing windows & doors
  • Glass tubing or cylinder repair
  • Glass & mirror chip, scratch or hole repair
  • Mirror resilvering
  • Stain glass caming repair
  • Tiffany/leaded glass panel repair
  • Auto glass replacement (windshields, side mirrors, truck cap glass, headlights)
  • Stove door glass or appliance glass

  • Tempered glass cutting
  • Curved acrylic panels (in sunrooms, cabinets etc.)
  • Furniture repair
  • Rotten window wood repair/replacement
  • Residential door caulking, lock repair, hardware adjustments
  • Residential window caulking
  • Vinyl window hole repair or replacement of broken vinyl window pieces
  • Water testing
  • Wood stove gaskets