Surprising ways you can use mirrors in your Carleton Place home

May 11, 2022 | Mirrors

Everyone is familiar with the wonderful Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, France. The arched tops were designed to simulate windows and still reflect the art, marble, and lighting in the room. In 1835 mirrors became more accessible through manufacturing, and they are still extremely popular today.

With a bit of imagination, mirrors in Carleton Place can be used throughout the home and in less traditional ways.  

Find an alternative way to use a mirror in the bathroom.

Of course, you need a mirror over the bathroom vanity. Placing the mirror opposite a window, you have the advantage of natural light as you get ready for work or play. Instead of the traditional rectangle, go with an unusual shape, or frame it with a cutout design that will make it a focal point. If placed correctly, your bedroom dressing table mirror can provide a view of your entire outfit from front to back when it coordinates with the bathroom.

Colours and Shapes

One good choice for the bath area is an acrylic mirror. They are less expensive, are lighter, so they can hang easier without extra support and can be shaped almost any way you want. Using lots of curves gives interest to any room in which it is displayed.

For your wardrobe door, use an oval shape so that it is in stark contrast to the rectangle of the door. It will also give the room more depth. A round, brass-framed mirror will provide some texture and colour pop. Many of these shapes are found in local department stores.

Artwork is not the only way to make a décor statement. Use an oversized mirror with an unusual frame in a hallway to bounce light and still offer a sample of your creativity.

Mirror on Furniture

Shiny surfaces and unusual frames present an unusual design feature in any room. Combine linear mirrors into a folding screen. It can help define space and can be moved to any position in almost any room. As the mirrored screens reflect your furnishings, you are able to present even more of your personality. Antiqued mirrors are another method to change the look of an ordinary room into something warm and inviting.

Placed on a coffee table or accent piece, it reflects the items you display and gives a different surface to an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture.


Add a mirror if you have an unusual nook or recess in a wall. That somewhat wasted space has now become a focal point. Add a mirror near a skylight to reflect trees, rooflines, and birds.

Install lights around a mirror to increase the illumination in dark corners. Place a mirror across from a stained glass window and watch the light play with the colours and shapes.

Using mirrors as accent pieces and art is a great decorating tool.

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