Things to consider before ordering custom shower enclosures in Pembroke

Jan 12, 2023 | Shower enclosures

One of the first considerations homeowners have while upgrading their bathroom is the installation of a glass shower enclosure. You might desire to be practical yet show some ingenuity; after all, almost every bathroom features glass shower enclosures in Pembroke in some form or another. While you shop and look for glass that suits your vision, here are some things to keep in mind: 

Positioning of your shower panels:

Every bathroom has its dimensions and a slightly different shape or configuration. As you plan the remodel, you will need to decide where the shower will be placed: in a corner, center, or separated from the rest of the area. When you decide on the space, you will also be able to determine the size of the shower enclosure to determine how many panels and how the door will work, sliding or attached. You will also need to consider the framing or whether you can accommodate frameless glass. All of this must be decided before you approach your custom glass designer.

Proper measurements:

One of the most challenging tasks is measurements. Your glass shower enclosure needs to cover a large enough area to accommodate your showering needs. Start by standing in the middle of the shower area and stretch out your arms. This will determine the amount of space you will need to shower comfortably. Showers come in standard dimensions, but you can request a larger area to handle more fixtures, seating, and steam.

Tempered glass shower panels:

Glass for showers is generally constructed from tempered glass. This has received exceptional heating and cooling for additional strength compared to annealed or standard glass. You can also have the option of laminated tempered glass, which is the most durable. Tempered glass will break into pebbles rather than shatter into shards, making it a safer option.

Tempered glass shower panels, some in a wide variety of patterns and designs that suit your needs. For example, consider a tint or frosted glass for a bathroom with multiple users. It allows for some privacy and can add a touch of colour. If you are looking to make a bold statement, you can go for cut glass or mosaic panels. 

Deciding on edgework:

Edges are a significant concern in a room with water that can lead to falls and other accidents. You will have some decisions when it comes to the edgework:

Cut and swipe or seamed

The edges are sanded to make them safe to hold during installation. These are generally used inside where visitors won’t see them.


These look much like the cut and swipe but have a cleaner finish for frameless installations.


This is also called grind and polish. This is a smooth and curved edge. A pencil finish is matte, or the polish option is glossy.


These are usually for glass displays.

Framed or frameless glass doors:

The last choice is deciding if you want a framed or frameless glass door. While framed are more secure and offer better safety options, frameless doors look sleeker and more modern. Frameless doors are more vulnerable to damage from bumping but are easier to keep clean.

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When it comes to shower enclosures in Pembroke, there are many choices to fit any home. With the right measurements and glass selection, you can create a beautiful shower enclosure that will last for years. To learn more about the different glass options available, contact us today. We can work with you to create the perfect shower enclosure that meets your needs and fits your budget.