You should invest in great glass windows in Renfrew to improve your well-being

Mar 16, 2022 | Windows

Natural light plays a significant role in everyone’s daily activities here in Renfrew and elsewhere. From the moderate weather and long days of spring through fall, you can open windows and allow the fresh air to circulate through the house to the shorter days of winter when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can make us feel gloomy sunlight is critical to good mental and physical health.

How glass in Renfrew can improve your well-being


Everyone wants to get a good, restful night’s sleep, but it is not always easy for many to fall asleep or stay that way. Each person has a natural rhythm that guides our sleep and wakefulness. Work schedules and other issues can disrupt that innate schedule. Waking up to sunlight coming through the window is part of that pattern. That natural light also helps maintain alertness so that you make good decisions and are productive.  

Stress Relief

One of the reasons many people sit around a pool is for stress relief. Often a short break from work or other responsibilities is necessary to rejuvenate your attitude. Step away from what you are doing and sit in the glow of natural sunlight, indoors or out. Take a few deep breaths and go back to what you were doing refreshed.

The same is true with our reliance on electronic devices. Our eyes become tired from looking at computer screens and small displays on phones and tablets. Moving to a window and allowing the eyes to look as far away as possible is a great way to give your peepers some rest and your brain a chance to recharge. Add some fresh air, and you are ready to go back.

Vitamin D

When exposed to sunlight, the human skin activates cholesterol to produce vitamin D. This essential vitamin regulates calcium and phosphate, which contribute to healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. Lack of this vitamin leads to a decline in muscle strength, fatigue, and even depression.

Visual Impact

Allowing sunlight to fill a room will make it feel larger and less confined. Vertical windows make a room feel taller because vision is directed upwards.


Plants can photosynthesize light even if it comes through a window. If your windows are UV treated means your plants will still absorb the light but also will keep them alive longer because they are not being scorched.


By adjusting your window blinds and draperies, you can help your HVAC system work more efficiently. It will allow light to come into your home for longer periods of time, so you rely less on artificial sources. Closing blinds in the summer means less air conditioning use, and in the winter, it can allow the sun’s warmth to supplement heating.

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